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Carpet Cleaning in Grand Junction Bedroom floor

Carpet Cleaning in Grand Junction

Carpet Cleaning in Grand Junction

Carpet Cleaning in Grand Junction

Carpets are one of the most important parts of the home, which often go unnoticed and consequently not receiving the attention needed to keep clean. Sure, a big splotch of mud on the carpet will quickly draw a home owner’s attention who may get right to cleaning it, but unless you’re an expert, that carpet may still be dirty. In the world of carpets, what may apparently look clean, often turns out to be filthy! Since looks can be deceiving it is important to invest in professional carpet cleaning services like Bob’s Carpet & Tile Care.

We Take A Custom Approach to Carpet Cleaning in Grand Junction, CO

Over the years of working in the carpet cleaning industry, we’ve come across dozens of various types of carpets. Some carpets were over 30-years old; others were newer. However, we soon figured that taking a so-called one-size-fits-all approach isn’t going to work for every Grand Junction carpet. In fact, if we didn’t customize our approach to each type of carpet, the process would end up damaging most types of Carpet and rugs.
That’s why one of the first things we look at after examining the carpet for dirt is its material, color, weave, etc. We do this to determine what cleaning agents to use, coupled with the best technique. Some rigorous cleaning techniques, despite being quick, may not, for instance, work on 30-year old handwoven Afghans that can lose their color. High-intensity scrubbing may also cause micro-tears in the carpet, which reduces its service life significantly. That’s why many exotic carpet owners complain of holes in their carpet months after getting it professionally cleaned.



Our custom approach to carpet cleaning in Grand Junction, CO ensures that your carpet isn’t damaged. What’s more, you can be assured of excellent deep cleaning, which may result in your carpet looking as good as new.

We Use Highly Effective Cleaning Agents

We use some of the best, most effective cleaning agents, which work by breaking dirt and debris apart, essentially thoroughly cleaning the carpet. Dirt and grime make your carpets look dingy and tired. The cleaning agents and tools we use are tough on grime and dirt but not on your carpets. The result is carpets that look as clean as they were when new while being safe for pets, kids, and even the environment.
We may also sometimes use a low-moisture system which requires a fraction of the water otherwise used to clean carpets. Not only is this approach highly effective for older carpets with fading color, but it is also eco-friendly since it relies less on water. Plus, it ensures a much shorter drying time as compared to steam cleaning. We may also take this approach for some types of upholstery.
Our Grand Junction carpet cleaning is competitively priced; call us today to request a quote (970) 424-9137.



Our custom approach to carpet cleaning in Grand Junction

We Use the Best Equipment Money Can Buy

In the carpet cleaning industry, the equipment used matters a lot. Each year there is interesting new professional carpet cleaning equipment that is way better than what was available the previous year. Not only does the latest equipment ensure higher quality, more thorough cleaning, but it also minimizes if not eliminates damage to carpets with sensitive fibers. That’s is why we are committed to investing in the latest and greatest carpet cleaning equipment in Colorado.
Our professionals are trained to use the latest equipment over the course of several weeks, which allows them to deploy it across any size or type of carpet and area rug. Plus, we keep our ears to the ground, ensuring that whenever the latest and best carpet cleaning equipment is available, we are amongst the first to get it.
Whether it is carpet cleaning or a full restoration job, we have your back. Call us for a free no-obligation quote today (970) 424-9137.

Hoss 700 rotary carpet cleaner

Why Choose Our Services In Grand Junction?

Our carpet cleaning Grand Junction is rated amongst the best in the business. However, if you haven’t used our services before, here are a few reasons to choose us: 

Competitively priced – Our cleaning services in Grand Junction are competitively priced without compromising the quality of our cleaning or the experience of our professionals. That’s why you can be assured of the best value for money when choosing us over the competition. 

Over a decade of experience – We have over a decade of experience as carpet cleaners. Some of our team members also have tile and grout as well as upholstery cleaning experience. That’s why you can be assured of excellent quality work. 

No carpet too difficult – Regardless of if you own a brand new carpet purchased a year back or a family heirloom, we can make sure that it looks as good as new. We have the experience and tools needed to pull off just about any carpet cleaning needed and our reviews are proof of it. 

Excellent customer service – We desire everyone who wants to get their carpets cleaned by our crew to have a great experience. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in making sure that our customer service is the best it can be in Grand Junction and beyond. 

An environmentally conscious carpet cleaning service – We strongly believe in using tools and methods that are effective at cleaning carpets and are environmentally friendly. That’s why we don’t believe in using toxic and harsh cleaning regents, ensuring that your carpet can be safely used by kids and pets alike. 

We Offer Free Estimates!

We have been operating in Grand Junction, CO, for many years, and during this time, we’ve always offered free estimates. We do this to ensure that our clients are 100% aware of how much the service will cost. It also helps clients like yourself decide if they want to go ahead with the service without being obligated to hire us. In fact, we urge you to get free estimates from competing services to do a cost/benefit analysis.
You can contact us directly via the website or over the phone to get a free estimate. Our estimates are generally inclusive of all expenses, and we do not have any hidden costs associated with the service. So, rest assured you will not be suddenly billed for something you’re not aware of or made aware of earlier.

Carpet Cleaning in Grand Junction and Redlands

We Are Certified Carpet Cleaning Experts

It is very important for a home or business owner to hire a carpet cleaning service in Grand Junction that’s certified. Fortunately, we are a 100% certified service. Our team of carpet cleaners is certified by the IICRC, which is the most respected certification service. To receive certification, companies like ours need to meet a demanding list of standards both in terms of expertise and ethical practices. 

The certification also mandates companies ensure that professionals are properly trained. Plus, we need to make sure our teams participate in ongoing programs to remain ahead in terms of expertise to maintain our certification. In other words, the IICRC ensures that our clients receive in Colorado receive the best possible service by ensuring that their carpets are in professional hands. 

We Have Highly Trained Technicians 

Every carpet cleaner working for us is a technician with years of experience. We make sure to only hire the very best in the business, and most prospects are put through a rigorous training process. That’s why we are one of the highest-rated carpet cleaning services in Grand Junction. 

Anyone who has been struggling to find a truly professional carpet cleaning service need not look any further than us. We are here to make sure that your carpet is clean, looks great and is 100% safe to use by everyone. 

Don’t Leave Your Expensive Carpets To Chance 

Similar to tile and grout cleaning or upholstery cleaning, not just anyone can become a carpet cleaner. We have been the carpet cleaning service of choice in Colorado for over a decade. Home and business owners trust us to deliver a cleaning service unsurpassed in terms of quality and professionalism. That’s why we are the first company people call when they need excellent quality carpet cleaning in Grand Junction that does not break the bank. Not to mention that we are trusted to clean carpets worth thousands of dollars, and over the years, they (over clients) have never been disappointed. 

Our approach to cleaning expensive carpets starts with an understanding of the material, quality, age, and damage. Once our team knows what we are up again, we formulate a cleaning system that may require multiple passes at times. The approach we take to cleaning every carpet is slightly different because to us and our clients, results matter, and that’s exactly what we work hard to deliver regardless of how soiled or old a carpet may be. 

Your Home Deserves the Best, Most Professional Carpet Cleaning 

Carpet cleaning and restoration can take several hours. We are a professional carpet cleaning company that has proven that you don’t have to spend big bucks for professional cleaning over the years. In fact, our service is so competitively priced that most people who have not used it (our services) assume that we cut corners. Our motto always has been that “we don’t cut corners, but restore them.” 

After we are done cleaning your carpets, the fresh smell and brand new look is instantly apparent. Regardless of if you’ve used any other service in the past, we promise that our service will make a visible difference. Not only that but you are guaranteed a clean and fresh environment for everyone in your home. If anything, the fact that your home now smells and looks great is worth the time, we’ve spent to make it possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need carpet cleaning if it’s vacuumed daily?

Our carpet cleaning service is far superior to daily vacuuming. Our carpet cleaning in Grand Junction removes stains, dried soil, and any bacteria that may have taken up residence in the carpet’s fibers. Vacuuming can only target the initial or surface layer of most carpets, while our cleaning targets the fibers, often deep within the carpet, laden with bacteria and dust mites. To ensure the best possible cleaning we use a combination of techniques that gives your carpet a thorough cleaning. 

How do your cleaners remove stains?

We are aware of the fact that many carpet cleaning services in Grand Junction use various chemicals to remove stains. However, we don’t use chemicals. As an environmentally conscious company and one that cares about your family, we only use products that are safe yet effective. 

Does Your carpet cleaner Guarantee Results?

Yes, we guarantee results. We guarantee that your carpet will look and smell as good as the first day you purchased it. Our team carries out a thorough inspection to ensure that all stains and dirt have been removed. We may also schedule multiple passes to ensure that your carpet looks perfect. 

Should I move the furniture around for upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning?

Our carpet cleaners will handle moving the furniture around as needed. Furniture like end tables and sofas can easily be moved. That said, we can’t be responsible for heavier furniture like grandfather clocks. If there is furniture like this, we will work around it. 

Have further questions about our carpet cleaning in Grand Junction? Feel free to reach out to us with a phone call or via our online form

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