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Commercial carpet cleaning Grand Junction by Bob

Why Does Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Grand Junction, Colorado Matter So Much?

A clean carpet contributes to the overall well-being of everyone working at the office.

Bob does Commercial Carpet Cleaning

As a business, one of your goals is always to make the best first impression possible. That’s why your entry area, entrance, and lobby need to be as clean as they can be, so that visitors, clients, or anyone else who comes to see you is impressed with the cleanliness indicative of your professionalism. The extra mile you go to ensure that your business looks, feels, and smells clean can do a great deal of good not only in terms of bringing in more business but ensuring that your employees remain healthy and happy.  

In the post-COVID-19 world, everyone is concerned about remaining healthy and Safe. Even the vaccinated continue to wear masks and be careful of visiting places that they see as being dirty or not as clean as they can be. That’s why the growing number of businesses opening up in Grand Junction, Colorado, are investing in professional cleaning services.  Many are hiring experts like Bob’s Carpet & Tile Care to handle their carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning, ensuring that their commercial office and retail space continues to look, smell and feel fresh. 

At Bob’s Carpet & Tile Care, we make sure that every inch of your carpet is thoroughly cleaned using a combination of techniques like spot stain removal and deep cleaning. We also offer grout and tile cleaning with our truck-mounted cleaning equipment. In fact, there is no building, office, or shop that we will not clean, and the same goes for types and sizes of carpets. We have the equipment and experience needed to handle anything. 

Why Does Carpet Cleaning Matter So Much? 

All carpets will collect dirt over time. Whether it is the carpet in the lobby or one in your private office, hiring carpet cleaning services, helps prevent the carpet from further damage caused by dirt and grit. 

Over the years that we’ve been providing carpet cleaning services in Grand Junction, CO, one of the questions we’ve been asked sometimes is why does it matter? Why does it matter if the carpet is super clean and smells great? Well, the answer to that is there is much more to it than just a great smelling carpet. It isn’t just the odor since air freshener every 30 minutes, should help your shop or office smell good. However, smelling good does not mean that your office or shop has a healthy environment. 

Most commercial carpets are thick, coarse, and highly absorbent. The carpet’s fibers are a magnet for dust, grime, dead skin, and dust mites, which can become a source of frustration if not cleaned in time. As a business, you don’t want clients, customers, and partners to see dust mites getting onto their body or dirt each time they walk on your carpet. What’s more, is that a dirty carpet or one that hasn’t been cleaned professionally will start smelling over time. It also becomes the home of bacteria and viruses. That’s why it is so important for businesses to invest in regular carpet cleaning. 

At Bob’s Carpet & Tile Care, we have some of the best carpet cleaners in the industry with years of experience. We understand that not all carpets are the same or equally dirty. That’s why our approach is tailored to the carpet we are faced with cleaning. Regardless, our goal is to ensure your carpet looks and feels brand new after we are done.

We Use A Myriad of Methods 

We are not your average carpet cleaner. Over the years we’ve been offering carpet cleaning service, it is clear that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. If we want to clean carpets, the approach needs to be custom-tailored to what we are dealing with, or else it might not be as effective. 

If your commercial carpet requires a thorough cleaning, especially if it is located in a high-traffic area, we will use a truck-mounted cleaning system. The system brings with it a powerful suction force that’s capable of extracting dirt and allergens directly from your carpet. Furthermore, it can also clean tile floors. However, we can’t use it for all jobs, especially if the carpet has stains and is made from delicate natural fibers. For instance, an old Afghan carpet may need a more hands-on approach to cleaning it. 

Also, if we are dealing with a whole host of stains like coffee, chewing gum, and a few other common ones, we have to first start with stain removal and then follow that up with deep cleaning. If you want to find out more about how we will approach cleaning the carpet in your office or establishment, do not hesitate to call us today. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have about our Office Carpet Cleaning or Retail Carpet Cleaning services. 

Improve Your Space with Our Industrial Carpet Cleaning

Today, an increasing number of industrial spaces have carpets. One of the reasons for this is that a well-designed and comfortable carpet helps the space look and feel cozier. However, industrial carpets depending on the industry can be exposed to a great deal of foot traffic and stains. That’s why in most instances, these carpets require more attention and the latest equipment to get the results we promise. 

We are continuously investing in innovative new equipment and cleaning solutions, allowing us to stay ahead of the competition. Our industrial carpet cleaning is no different. We promise our clients results, using a myriad of techniques that provide a deeper clean, faster drying time and an overall healthier work environment. 

Need a quote for our industrial carpet cleaning service? Feel free to contact us for a free no-obligation quote. 

Retail Carpet Cleaning Service in Grand Junction, CO

Retail stores rightfully invest in the best possible carpet that they can afford. However, retail stores are heavy traffic places. On average, a retail store can welcome several dozen visitors each day. All of that foot traffic can end up taking its toll on the carpet, which, if not addressed in time by a professional cleaning company, can destroy the carpet. 

Our approach to retail carpet cleaning is to start with a thorough assessment of the damage. We then move on with removing stains in a way that does not damage the often delicate fibers of expensive carpets. We also clean the carpet using various techniques depending on the size and type of carpet that needs to be cleaned. However, in every instance, we are using non-toxic, pet-friendly, and environment-friendly cleaning solutions. 

The result is often always that your retail carpet will look and smell like new. However, if your business has a carpet that’s made from natural fiber, we might have to take an entirely different approach. 

Office Carpet Cleaning Grand Junction 

It is not uncommon for offices of all sizes to have carpets. Some businesses may invest in thicker more expensive, carpets, but most offices have carpets that look good but aren’t necessarily expensive. Nevertheless, it is very important that your carpets be cleaned at least once every few months. The more frequently it is cleaned, the better. 

A clean carpet contributes to the overall well-being of everyone working at the office. Plus, it isn’t an eyesore for employees, visitors, and investors alike. If anything, if you have a carpet in the office, always make sure that it is free from dust and dirt. Regular vacuuming is often not good enough because the vacuum isn’t as powerful as it should be to suck up dirt from deep within the carpet. That’s why our office carpet cleaning takes a multi-layered approach which ensures that regardless of the type or size of your carpet is looks, feels, and smells fresh. 

Want to book office carpet cleaning or get a quote for the job? Feel free to call our team today. 

Top Reasons to Choose Our Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation for being one of the leading carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Grand Junction. Many of our clients have been with us for years, despite there being an increasing number of similar services in the area. 

Here are a couple of reasons why we are the carpet cleaning service of choice in the city: 

  • We don’t just clean carpets but start with an understanding of what’s wrong. 
  • We take a well-planned approach geared towards addressing the problem we are dealing with. 
  • Our hot water extraction equipment and technique are a lot more thorough since they remove every spec of dirt from deep within the carpet. 
  • We offer professional carpet and rug restoration; in other words, your carpet will look as good as new. 
  • Our excellent customer service is with you every step of the way. 
  • Certified professionals with dozens of local reviews from satisfied clients. 
  • We provide an affordable and competitively priced commercial carpet cleaning service. 

How Often Should Your Carpets Be Cleaned?

Generally speaking, you should clean your carpets as soon as possible. However, the rule of thumb is that the more foot traffic your establishment receives, the more frequently the carpets should be professionally cleaned. For instance, we may recommend that people who own fully staffed offices, get their carpets professionally cleaned at least once every four months. Retail store owners should get their carpets cleaned once every two to three months. 

One way to tell if your carpet needs to be cleaned is if it shows signs of dust and starts to smell. Vacuuming will do little good to address the issue. Also, DIY hot water extraction isn’t going to work either because those machines aren’t as powerful as they should be to ensure thorough cleaning. 

Leading Tile and Grout Cleaning Experts 

In addition to cleaning carpets, we also offer tile and grout cleaning services. We are often referred to as the best cleaning tile professionals. Similar to our carpet cleaning service, our grout cleaners are certified experts with years of experience. That’s why there is no grout, regardless of how dirty it might have become that we can’t clean. However, we acknowledge that some tiles and their associated grout will need more work than others. Either way, we can handle it. 

Need to hire our tile and grout cleaning service in addition to booking our commercial carpet cleaning service? Then feel free to call us today!

Don’t Entrust Your Carpet Cleaning To Uncertified Cleaners 

We can tell you from experience that hot water extraction, stain removal, and many other techniques that we use to clean carpets can just as easily ruin them. If the steam is too hot, for instance, it can damage the fibers of your carpet. Similarly, if we use the wrong stain removal technique, it can end up causing the color to fade. 

As certified experts, we start with an understanding of your carpet and map out an approach accordingly. That’s why we are able to deep clean carpets, some several decades old while promising no damage. In fact, we’ll be more than happy to restore your decades-old carpet to its original condition.

Our custom approach to carpet cleaning in Grand Junction

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Commercial carpet cleaning is an essential part of making sure that your place of business is safe for everyone. What’s more is that we offer a budget-friendly, expert service using the latest methods and machines that money can buy. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart from the competition. 

We currently service the whole of Grand Junction including Montrose, Fruita, Redlands, and Palisade. 

If you are looking for a carpet cleaning service you can trust? Phone us today to find out how we can help you. You can also call to schedule a visit by our team. 

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